Three good things

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…at my life right now

I haven’t been writing here for a long time. Now I thought it would be fun to do chichat post about my life right now. My life has been busy as alwasy. However, I haven’t mind about it, because it does not feel that hectic since I love everything I’m doing right now. So here are the three best things in my life right now.

1. I’m making progress in my career.

There was a long period when I felt stuck in my work life, and I did move anywhere. Life was good, but that is, nothing unusual was happening. Now finally, I’m making progress; it makes me so happy. I have to learn a lot of new things with social media and grown my network bigger. Besides, I have been making all of these amazing plans and preparing for the future. I have also moved forward in my school situation. If everything goes as planned in a few years, I finally graduate to BBA and start my masters.

2. Dancing makes me happy

I always loved to dance and used to go dancing lessons over ten years during my childhood. After that, there has been a long break until I started to dance again this year. I know already after like a few months that is has so big difference to me. Mentally and also physically, I am more energetic, happy, relaxed and full of new ideas

3. Learning french

As the school came along, I have started to learn French. I have been trying to learn french for a long time now. Now I am making progress within this langugae. I have only just discovered the basics, but it is good to start building language knowledge more and more profound.

À bientot,

XOXO Viivi

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Three good things