Guide For Wardrobe Decluttering

Now or never, in this current situation, we have time to do a tasks that we usually postpone for later. One of these things is the cleaning and decluttering your wardrobe. I declutter my closet regularly around 2-4 times of the year, basically, due to that fact, I am moving so ofter. But the best side of doing the decluttering regularly, you know what you have in your closet, it does not get full of clothes that you don’t really use. Then you know what you really really need.

To make the closet cleaning less painful and time-consuming, here are few tips.

  1. Take one category of clothes under sorting one by one. Example shirt first, then dresses and skirt, etc. If you only fave a few clothes or your wardrobe is totally messy, take everything out ones. Still, stat going throe one category one at a time.
  2. Make space to have three different piles of clothes, those you are going to keep, others that need to be taken to cleaner or repaired, and then those that you are going to sell or donate.
  3. Take every item to your hand one by one. Look at it, and try it on if needed. Ask yourself, does this make me happy, “does it spark joy”? The basic idea is to keep everything that you love and give away those you don’t like anymore. If it feels over helming, start with those items that are your favourites, and you love those. When you are not sure about some clothes put it to a “maybe” pile to wait until you have gone throw everything else.
  4. When you are going throw “maybe” pile, ask your self: Does it fit? Would you repurchase it? Does it fit your lifestyle? Does it bring value to your wardrobe?
  5. When you have gone throw, all the items start butting them back to your closet. Same time you can also organize your closet more optimally. But item order by colours, sleeve length, or whatever suits you best. It is also an optimal time to but off-season closet to storage. The bonus of that is when you bring those items back from a warehouse they feel new clothes because you haven’t seen them all the time.

Ps. You can also use my super handy and simple cleaning guide to help you.

XOXO Viivi

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Guide For Wardrobe Decluttering