How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

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Now, when the environmental talk has gotten bigger and bigger, taking care of your clothes has become a bigger part of it. Taking good care of your clothes makes them last longer. We sometimes forget that we also need to maintain our wardrobe. If you have forgotten these things, and you throw your clothes to the washing machine without checking the washing label ever, or you don’t iron your clothes. Now is time to stop tying that, seriously. I think we all want to keep our beautiful garments as beautiful as long as possible.

When you take care of your clothes, they last longer and become more ecologically friendly. So here are a few things everybody should know about taking care of your clothes:


-Use the item more the one before washing it. You don’t need to wash your clothes after every usage, little dustup or freezing the clothes will get rid of the bad smell and bacterias. What the item s when they are dirty, or there is a stain on the clothing.
– Check the washing label first
– Check that pocket are empty, turn garments upside down and close all zippers
– But delicate item, like underwears, into the washing bag
– To make your white clothes brighter, you can use two different tricks. 1. Use warm water and whitening washing torture in addition to washing liquid/or powder. 2. If you want to be more ecological, but white clothes into warm water that is mix with few citrons and let them stay there overnight before washing them. You can also add a few cups of citrus water instead of fabric softener.
– Remember don’t use ever use fabric softener with jeans.


– Blood is easier to get off from clothes when it is fresh. Wash the stain with cold water.

Yellow marks on white
– To get rid of yellow marks, use citron juice and baking soda. Mix the baking soda and citrus juice and water. Spread the paste over the stain and let it affect 1-2h. After that, wash it with water and let it dry.

Makeup stain
– For makeup, you can try a few different things; baby wipes, makeup removal, white toothpaste, or liquid washing powder/soap
Powder makeup stain: Brush the dust off or use baby wipes the get the powder out.
– Liquid makeup stain: 1. First, try to use makeup removal. 2. If that does not help, take a warm wet towel and white toothpaste, brush the stain away. Then wash the toothpaste off. 3. Lastly, you can try to drop a drop of shampoo, liquid washing powder, or soap to the stain and use circular motions to remove the stain. Then use a hairdryer to dry it.

Bonus tip! Always remember to cover your faces if you have already done your makeup, so you don’t get stains into your clothes, especially if the item is a light colour or it has tight neckline.

Other stains
– Wash the stains as soon as you can with hot water and gently rubbing with stain removal.
– If the stain is old you can try to wash the stain with cold water, rub it with citron, rinse and repeating multiple times if necessary.

Bad smell
– To get your clothes to smell fresh again use vinegar. Add vinegar and water to spray bottle and spray it over the problem area. Let that set in for 10-15 min. Another option is to let it be on a vat which is filled with 2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar. Wash the clothing in the washing machine after that.


– Iron only clean clothes, otherwise it might leave stains.
– When ironing cotton or linen spray water to the fabric. It makes the ironing easier because it makes the wriggles go away quickly.
– With delicate materials, like silk, put white cotton fabric top of the clothing or iron it from the backside.
– Button up shirt (cotton etc.) is easier to iron when you start from doing it from the front side first, then collar and wristband, after that the backside and finally the sleeves
– Use steamer – I can not underline how much it makes ironing easier and 2x more fun

Special materials

Do not over wash wool items too often. You can air your knits for a few hours outside. This is especially effective if it is cold weather.
If you need to wash a wool item, they should be washed by hand. But if you are lazy like me, wash them in a washing bag in a washing machine with the wool program and cold water.
When you are drying you wool items, don’t, but wool items hang because it will stretch the items.
Roll it around the towel and press the water off, then lay it over the towel and lay it to a flat surface. 
Wool items get bubbled easily in places that are rubbing against each other, so buy Cashmere/wool comb. 

– It is a super delicate material that will get easily damaged if it gets stuck or scratches something.
– Always wash hand wash it or take it to the dry cleaner.
– When washing the item by hand, use specifical washing powder for silk.
– It there is a stain you want to try to take it off with cold water, but remember to wash the whole item. Otherwise, the water will leave a stain.

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How To Take Care Of Your Clothes