September Wish List

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One fall trend that really caught my eye was skirt suit. I think this has been already coming for a while but, but now it is here big time. Straight away, this beautiful Uterque’s skirt suit catches my eyes. The blue check print on a white background looks super cool. Also, when doing my online window shopping, I found myself graving towards warmer clothing pieces. Especially the Filippa K molly knit piece stole my heart….

What happened: Succeed in your career with style

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In the beginning, I was quite hesitant since I had never done anything like it before but also excited about the opportunity. So I said yes, and we started the process to create this event. The idea was to offer a place for people to learn more about workwear but also actually to help them to solve the style problem they might have. During the summer, I also met the other two wonderful ladies Meeri…

Simplicity and function with a touch of lux

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Paid collaboration with Vaultskin / Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Vaultskin kanssa Whenever I am about to leave the house, I check my outfit. After that, I select which purse matches my outfit and what type of items I need to bring with me. The bag usually determines how much stuff I can bring and what wallet I will choose. I’m not obsessed that everything needs to be the same colour since I like to mix and match…