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What happened: Succeed in your career with style

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In the beginning, I was quite hesitant since I had never done anything like it before but also excited about the opportunity. So I said yes, and we started the process to create this event. The idea was to offer a place for people to learn more about workwear but also actually to help them to solve the style problem they might have. During the summer, I also met the other two wonderful ladies Meeri…

Simplicity and function with a touch of lux

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Paid collaboration with Vaultskin / Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Vaultskin kanssa Whenever I am about to leave the house, I check my outfit. After that, I select which purse matches my outfit and what type of items I need to bring with me. The bag usually determines how much stuff I can bring and what wallet I will choose. I’m not obsessed that everything needs to be the same colour since I like to mix and match…

Working from home outfit style guide

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When we are working from home, it is essential to change out of your home or nightclothes every day. That is especially important for your mind because when we are spending all day in loungewear in the end, we don’t feel so productive as we could. Our mind thinks that it is time for relaxing when we wear those clothes, so we tend to be lazier then. As we spend time at home, we of course…