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Working from home outfit style guide

When we are working from home, it is essential to change out of your home or nightclothes every day. That is especially important for your mind because when we are spending all day in loungewear in the end, we don’t feel so productive as we could. Our mind thinks that it is time for relaxing when we wear those clothes, so we tend to be lazier then. As we spend time at home, we of course…

After work = työkaverit ja vapaa-aika

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Oletko koskaan miettinyt millaisia ihmissuhteita muodostamme elämämme aikana? Suurin osa näistä suhteista muodostuu työpaikalla, jossa vietämme jopa yli 40 tuntia viikossa. Ei ole itsestään selvää, että kaikista kolleegoista tulee ystäviä, mutta pitääkö heidän kanssaan viettää aikaa vapaa-ajalla. Mitäs jos työpaikalta ei saa yhtään ystävää ja missä menee ystävyyden raja työpaikalla. Onko työkaveri uhka vai mahdollisuus?

Strolling streets dressed in beige

Strolling street in dressed in beige and admiring the colors of nature Last few weeks it has been the most beautiful weather outside, and it is getting a bit colder already. That means that it is time to take out my favorite winter coat from the closet. I think I talked about this beautiful Filippa K wool coat before last year when I bought it. Such a classic piece and so timeless. This coat goes…

Styling: Trench coat

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Styling trench coat for fall I talked a few weeks ago, how I have found a perfect trench coat for the fall. I found this coat from Zara early this fall. A trench coat is such a classic piece which is one of the cornerstones of the wardrobe. It is easy to combine together with many items. I was a long time trying to find a suitable trench coat, and when I saw this individual,…

Styling: White blazer

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Styling white blazer Fall is here, and it is known that some people think it is not appropriate to wear white after the labor day. Even though that is the “rule,” I’m not giving up about wearing white. I think white is such a classic color, so it is totally appropriate to wear it all year around. I found this fantastic cream-colored blazer from vintage store a few years ago, and I could not be…